Will AWS Lambda API route be changed?

Hi, I have reinstalled Mac OS and going to update my code which was on Github.
If I update the code and deploy code using jets gem, the API route will be changed?
I think it will be changed since /tmp/jets directory doesn’t exist on new Mac OS.
Or is there any way to deploy with the current API route?
Thank you.

No reinstalling your macosx is not going to affect the API endpoint (assume that’s what you mean). However, the API Route endpoint can change depending on what apps changes are being deployed. Here’s another thread that just came up with a related question: https://github.com/tongueroo/jets/issues/389

Also check out: https://rubyonjets.com/docs/routing/custom-domain/

Thank you for your help.
It looks like custom domain should help me.

One question - I have forgotten the way to check the API endpoint on Amazon Web Service.
I think I could check the endpoints on this API Gateway dashboard but can’t see any endpoint now. :frowning:

Oh I see, you’re looking for the current API Gateway endpoint. It’s under:

API Gateway Console > Stages > Stage Name

Look for “Invoke URL”

You can also use jets url to get it.

jets url helpd me. Thank you.

I have several other projects which were deployed on AWS Lambda.

I tested the Lambda API of one other project but it was working.
But I tried to run jets url command on this project, I saw this message.

Stack for project-lambda project for environment development. Couldn’t find project-lambda-dev stack.

And while I check on API Gateway Console, I can’t see other endpoints. Just weird. :thinking: