Dependencies between stacks over instances

Hi there,

i have a bunch of stacks doing the complete provisioning of a host.

And i have dependencies between the stacks like “primary_ip” etc…

I defined these dependencies like that:

primary_ip = <%= output('host.primary_ip') %>

Everythings working - so far so good.

Now i wanted to provision some more instances with the “–instance” option but this doesn’t work.

The variable from the dependency always remains empty and “terraspace up” fails.

Any idea what could be wrong or has someone done this or is this even possible ?

Bummer. Not currently possibly. See:

Will consider PRs. No sweat either way of course. Thanks!

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sad to hear that - this makes it impossible for me to use terraspace.

I would have implemented this with variable-maps and terraform “count” like i was used to with plain terraform, but terraform modules do not support provider definitions when used with “count” - so i tried your instance feature.