Ruby on Jets 6.0 Released

Ruby on Jets 6.0 Released Ruby on Jets 6.0: Rails Support - BoltOps Blog The biggest news in the release is Rails support. You can run Rails on AWS Lambda easily



Hey Tung. I have a question. I have a legacy rails project (rails 5.1.5 and ruby 2.6.3).
I was recreating the project in Jets, but I am having some problems with the framework itself. Do you think is it worth keep doing what I was doing or should I update rails and ruby to the latest versions and use the same project to implement jets? I’m kind of confused, could you help me with some thoughts?

I see. The jets-rails gem required rails >= 6.1. I went ahead and released a jets-rails 1.0.3 update gem pin rails >= 5.0 by tongueroo · Pull Request #13 · rubyonjets/jets-rails · GitHub, which updates the pin to rails > 5.0. I believe Jets should work with that version of Rails, too. I have not tested it as thoroughly, but Rails is Rack compatible, so it should work. And Rails engines have mostly stayed the same since Rails 3.

Some notes:

That being said, rails 5.1.5 and ruby 2.6.3 is pretty old. Gut says, I would try to get it to at least Rails 6 and Ruby 3.2.3. Totally get it if it’s not feasible for you and your team at this time. Personally, I would probably try to get it to the latest Rails 7.1 :laughing: But again, I totally get it.

Also, try approaching it in steps:

  1. Go through the learn guide with an updated Rails 7.1 CRUD app Rails Project - Jets Serverless Deployment Service
  2. Here’s a video demo also Serverless Rails on AWS Lambda with Jets | BoltOps Learn
  3. Go back to your app and try your app with the latest release jets-rails. IE: bundle update and give try a jets deploy
  4. If that doesn’t work. It’s time to start upgrading Rails and Ruby. Note: If you think it’ll be helpful, the issues you run into might be useful to report. Maybe in a separated dedicated thread.

It would help to isolate if there are Rails 5.1 vs. Rails 7.1-specific issues. In theory, Rails 5 should work. Again, I haven’t tested that version thoroughly yet. Eventually, there’ll be a CI matrix that tests different permutations of Rails version and other frameworks with live deployments to one of my AWS test accounts.

RE: legacy rails project (rails 5.1.5 and ruby 2.6.3).

Update Jets 6.0 and Legacy Rails 5.0

Congrats on the release @tung!!

Also, what does upgrading look like?

For this release, there’s no easy answer. I moved my apps by porting Jets to Rails. Would try to take it one step at a time. Example:

  1. First, start with a Rails vanilla CRUD app, go through the demo.
  2. Then port your code over.

I also have a question about upgrading from Jets 5 to 6. My employer uses Jets 5 but does not pay for a subscription because we use a custom builder for gem layers. Would it still require a subscription to use Jets 6 at all?